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19th March

My latest store release 'The Forgotten Mallow' goes on sale tonight at 8pm GMT HERE - Releases are still slow due to ToyconUK coming up soon but I want to still creep out the occasional online release for you all...


27th February

There is a brand new release going on the store page at 8pm GMT tonight, using the Kronk 2011 series Dunny as a base. SOLD OUT


5th January 2015

As you may know, the commission list was closed for the most part during the second half of 2014, i've decided to open it briefly from midnight tonight (GMT) if you'd like to commission a piece please get in touch starting then with some information about what you'd like, the list will close as soon as it's full. Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, wishing you all the best for 2015! The list is now full, i'll update when I can take on more commissions.


17th December

Just winding down here in the studio but before we get to the Christmas celebrations, here is what may be the final store release of 2014, if not then definitely pre Xmas. Because so many of you commented on how much you enjoyed seeing my work on the Huck Gee skullhead busts, I decided to add a similar treatment to his skullhead Dunny, hope you like the result!

26th November 2014

The new Dunny head sculpt is complete, and the first is painted up, ready for the upcoming launch this Thursday, I hope you like this one. Entitled 'Waiting on Enceladus' this 3" custom Kidrobot Dunny is a unique colourway and available from 8pm GMT tomorrow HERE -

This version is now SOLD OUT - keep an eye out for new editions soon.

I'm also in the process of creating some printed wraparounds for packing boxes, these should be ready in time to be included with this release, keep an eye on the Squink Instagram for previews.

21st November 2014

A few weeks ago I was asked by artist Huck Gee if I would like to work on painting three of his resin Skullhead busts. Admiring Huck's work for a number of years, I jumped at the chance, the results of this collaboration of sorts are going on sale on the Huck Gee store today at noon PST (8pm GMT)

Skull heads are now SOLD OUT.

4th November 2014

My new piece was completed over the weekend and will see a release this coming Friday 6th. Look out for the product page at soon..

24th October 2014

It may seem quiet here but rest assured i'm busy working away in the studio on a few things for the run up to Christmas. A (currently) secret release in a collaboration of sorts with a true fan favourite is nearing completion and should see release in the next few weeks, alongside that there are a few commissioned pieces from earlier in the year to finish off as well as getting on with a brand new sculpt for a Dunny resin cast before the end of the year.. Stay tuned for more info or sign up to the mailing list below.

21st September 2014

A store page has just been added for a special 'My Final Breath' rainy day version which will go on sale the next time it rains in Leeds, UK. There is no set release time, and it will only remain on sale until the rain stops,  be on your toes. SOLD OUT


18th August 2014

The commission list is now closed through to the end of 2014, keep an eye on the store for future releases.

16th July 2014

The commission list is now full through July & August, I am still open to discuss future work, but it may have an extended waiting time.

6th July 2014

If anyone is looking for a commission between now and August, please get in touch. I have opened a new list but will be spreading these out over 2 months, just email using the contact form and i'll get back to you. There was a lot of overflow from June so only a few places remain.

24th June 2014

It's been a busy few weeks in the studio, I've been trying to split work so that commissions happen during the week, with the weekends reserved for personal projects (not including a break) - Because of this, i've been able to produce a new series of My Final Breath for this month. There will be 10 variants available, all of which are exclusive to the store, and unique. The versions in this series are as follows:

Angel (Rust) - Angel (Pearl) - Burnt Mandarin - Golden Spirit - Smoke Spirit - Oil Slick - Bubblegum - Original V2 Pearl - Purity - Splash.

All individually cast, hand painted, and/or polished in the studio in Leeds, this month. They will be available individually from the Store page from 8pm BST on Thursday 26th June, and are priced at £49.95 + Shipping.

Now fully sold out. More soon!


I spent the last few days of May going through older emails regarding commissions and put together a new one for June, I know some of you may have been waiting for me to announce the list opening up again, unfortunately most spaces were already filled with overflow from last time, however there are a few places remaining for July, if you would like to reserve a place on the list, just get in touch and let me know what you'd like. Taking all commissions for the month on a specific day/time in Jan was a little overwhelming so i'll be spreading it out a little more from now on. I have around 8 left to complete this month, so if they're finished ahead of time I'll contact those of you on the July list for an early start.

I hope you're all doing great!

I'm still in the process of adding work, please check back soon.

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