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All resin pieces are spawned from an original master sculpt created in the studio by me. The moulds are made using addition cure silicone rubber poured over the master, and left to cure overnight. I create the final polyurethane resin pieces in very limited numbers, in colour variations that are sometimes absolute one off versions. This ensures you are getting something special, and not mass produced, something I feel is of great importance. I use a combination of acrylic paint, and acrylic inks, with a satin spray varnish for protection.


My Final Breath v1.2 - coming soon.



Waiting On Enceladus

I created this new head variation for the Kidrobot Dunny as the final casting for this year, originally sculpted onto a tiny Dunny head with polymer clay, and then cast in polyurethane resin. These are presented attached to an original branded vinyl Kidrobot Dunny body. There will be a number of variants released throughout the year.

My Final Breath

2014 sees the initial release of 'My Final Breath' which is my latest piece crafted in the studio, without the use of existing platforms. Series One will be released at the start of May this year on the Squink store page, and consists of 10 colour variations, most of which will never be available again.  This design was created in March, and was first available to collectors at ToyconUK in London on April 12th. The original colourway entitled 'In The Deep Blue' has a total run of 10 pieces, the remaining 7 will see a release on the store page in the coming weeks.

Each piece in the first wave comes with a numbered, triple layered collectors card which also serves as a certificate of authenticity, these were generously supplied by the lovely people at Moo, part of their Luxe range.


When It Rains, It Pours - Evolution

Using the original WIRIP as a starting point, I created a new Dunny head sculpt which showed a more sleek, less cutesy character. These were produced in a more limited number of colour variations, now retired like it's forefather. The evolution will continue soon.

First day colourways, with pearlescent chase versions. Edition of 10 per colourway, pearl versions just one of each.

First day colourways, with pearlescent chase versions. Edition of 10 per colourway, pearl versions just one of each.


The Dreamer

Sculpted from scratch using polymer clay, this was my first original piece, aiming for something peaceful that could be painted in a variety of finishes, this one stands at around 2.5" tall. Now retired.

A selection of colourways that were produced upon release.

When It Rains, It Pours - Original

The first sculpt I created for use on a vinyl Kidrobot Dunny body, this was produced in a number of colour ways, some examples of which can be seen below. This was initially created as an experiment but became extremely popular. The mould was destroyed in 2012 to make way for the evolution and to avoid over production.

Candycorn, Shadow, and Camo versions.