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8th May 2019

As many of you may have seen, my custom Superplastic Janky ‘BendyBones’ has been picked up by the brand and added to their series 2 collection in both 3.5 and 8” tall versions! The Kickstarter is open through May and you’ll find it HERE - I’m really happy with the series they’ve put together and can’t wait til you guys can get your hands on them!


6th Feb 2019

There are now limited places available for Squink membership, which gives a choice of rewards for various monthly payment tiers, this works the same as my Patreon but without the need to sign up to the website, this is easy for anyone with a Paypal account. All tiers get you access to exclusive newsletters, with higher tiers giving you quarterly mystery hand painted customs!

7th November 2018

The studio has been super busy over here the past few months, which has meant very few store releases, however I am working on a number of festive and wintery themed custom Dunnys which I hope to have ready for the end of this month. This means they will be with you in time for Christmas! Look out for more info and product shots towards the end of November..

28th April 2018

I recently produced an upscaled version of Kono the Yeti for Kidrobot, which is now available to purchase via in the form of an 8" Dunny. There are three colourways, Ice, Bubblegum & 1930 Sighting vintage edition. The ice is limited to 700pc, and the other two versions made up of 200 of each. The Bubblegum edition is exclusively available at the Kidrobot website.

I am also working on releasing a small number of artist proofs of each alternate colourway, with the ice version already sold out via Patreon preorder. These will be available on my store page next week.


2nd Feb 2018

As many of you may have seen already, the upcoming Wild Ones Dunny series from Kidrobot features 3 of my designs. These were created some months ago, so it's great to finally see them in production. I have some sample pieces which I will be adding small features to, and releasing on my own store, just after the official release. 

There will also be an 8" production release of the Kono the yeti design from this series, scheduled for April but I will update you with more on that as soon as I have the details.

You can read an excellent feature post about my designs over on CoArt magazine HERE. The Wild Ones are released worldwide on Feb 9th. See more on the Kidrobot Website.


23rd November 2017

Just a small update, we are still in the process of renovating the new home/studio space after the move in October, things are coming together now and I am finally catching up on commissions. I hope to be able to bring you new releases for the store before the holidays! More very soon....

2nd August 2017

I've been hard at work in the studio the past couple of weeks and am now happy to bring you the initial release of 'When It Rains, It Pours New Evolution'! There will be just 5 going on sale later today (8pm BST) at

22nd July 2017

Apologies for the lack of updates while I go through the incredibly stressful process of attempting to move house/studio & arrange a mortgage, There has been lots going on behind the scenes, including a brand new iteration of 'When it rains, It pours' which is now ready, and will be release as a very limited series at the end of this month!  As usual, each piece in series one, will be an original one off colour variant of this new sculpt. Sign up to the mailing list, or keep an eye on this page for updates and pictures very soon!



1st May 2017

After a super busy ToyconUK, it's time to get back to work in the studio. Lots of Patreon rewards are underway, and I'm going to be working on a new custom Kidrobot Dunny head sculpt for this year, now that 'When It Rains, It Pours' has been retired.  Martian Toys, and Creamlab both helped me out with getting some original enamel pin badges produced, which were launched in London on Saturday but have now been added to my online store HERE


18th April 2017

I'm finally reading the end of production for ToyconUK this year (not long now!) All work will be listed under Toycon 2017.  Available on the day on table T1, with remaining pieces available to order via email from 4pm BST - The list will be updated throughout the day so you will have a good idea of what is still up for grabs if there is a particular piece you would like. You'll find the product list HERE

I have also just added one FINAL Dunny reward place on Patreon, which gets you a custom Dunny every quarter, as well as a 5% discount on all commissions and store releases while you continue support through the site. You can also get the discount with a $5 support pledge! (this can fully pay for itself in one purchase)

My Patreon page can be found HERE

22nd March 2017

As 'When It Rains, It Pours' reaches it's end, with the head mould being retired soon. I have put together the final store release of this sculpt. 'The Thousand Year Blades' goes on sale this coming Friday on the store page HERE - This may well be your last chance to pick one up, with the last pieces ever being produced for ToyconUK next month. SOLD


7th March 2017

It's been a very busy start to 2017, so apologies for the lack of recent updates. I've been hard at work on some designs for a future production release (more details as I have them) along with rewards for Patreon supporters. I opened my commission list towards the end of March to allow it to fill up again, if you would like a place, please drop me an email as soon as possible, as it will be closing again very soon.  

The next few weeks i'll be working on pieces for ToyconUK, which as usual is taking place at York Hall in London, it's a 2 day event this year, but I will only be exhibiting on the Saturday, if you're dropping by, I look forward to seeing you there! If not, the process for orders will work the same as last year, there will be a full list of pieces with prices added here before the event, which I will update as pieces sell throughout the day.  You will be able to order remaining artworks by emailing after 3pm on the day.  More details soon!

9th December 2016

In preparation for the third part of the 'My Final Breath' series, i've remastered the original sculpt to bring you some more variations in this first series of MFB v 1.2. There will be just 5 painted versions in this original release, with a special cold cast real bronze AP hitting the store later too.

You'll find these over HERE from 8pm GMT today, with delivery HOPEFULLY in time for Christmas (based on mail service estimates and last shipping dates)



20th November 2016

I took a little bit of a break from dirty washes for the start of the month, and got to work on a few clean production style custom Dunnys.  These will be released this coming Thursday on my store, for £69.95 each. - SOLD OUT

4th November 2016

Available later today, this piece uses the Huck Gee Evolved Dunny series chase as a base, with the spirit of impending cold nights. Winter is coming.

HERE from 8pm GMT - SOLD


29th October 2016

To finish off the month, there is a special 5th birthday version of my 2011 Dunny release 'Ken The Mysterious Tiger' going on sale Monday 31st of October at 8pm GMT. You'll find the piece HERE 




25th October 2016

There is a brand new original sculpt on the store this coming Thursday, The Last Laugh was created for Halloween 2016, and you can pick it up HERE at 8pm this coming Thursday 27th of October. - SOLD


27th September 2016

I have just added a preorder page to my store, where you can grab your very own Bunnyskull logo t-shirt! These will remain open for preorder until Saturday only. HERE


16th August 2016

Series 2 of The Dreamer (Dunny edition) is now complete, and ready for release. This is a small edition of just 5 one off colour variants!  Available this coming Friday the 19th of August on the Squink store page  SOLD OUT

26th June 2016

The sculpt form Dunny edition of 'The Dreamer' is now complete, the first series/edition will be hitting the store in the next couple of weeks.. keep an eye on my Instagram (@squink) for teasers and full reveals ahead of the full announcement early July.


4th April 2016

I've just added some new products to the list of ToyconUK pieces available this weekend HERE - Pictures of each piece will be added over the next few days in the Toyconuk section HERE - Toycon stock now fully SOLD OUT


24th March 2016

The new Grey Skies edition of When It Rains, It Pours goes on sale later today, with Patreon supporters given early access at 7pm GMT before the remaining pieces go on sale to everyone at 9pm (UK time)  They are open to selection, if you'd like to benefit from the early access code, you can sign up HERE.  Now SOLD OUT

23rd March 2016

Started adding completed pieces to the ToyconUK 2016 section, keep checking back as more are uploaded in the run up to the date..


22nd March 2016

I've just completed my piece for the Konatsu exhibition at Q Pop next month, my custom Negora 'The Last Day Of Winter' will be available to purchase on the opening night, and then online after that at


18th March 2016

There will be a small release of When It Rains, It Pours Dunnys in the next week, these will be offered first to Patreon supporters, but remaining pieces later to the general public. This is not series 2, but a smaller, colourway specific release. They will be priced the same as series one at £65 each, product pictures will be posted here and in all the usual places as the release approaches over the next few days.


24th November

The colours for the first 'When It Rains, It Pours v3' are now complete and ready for the release this coming Thursday! These will be available from 8pm GMT at There will be just one of each numbered colour variant available.. SOLD OUT.. SERIES 2 COMING APRIL 2016


24th October

The new refined sculpt i've been working on for 'When it rains, It pours' is now complete and casting has begun. There will be a release of colourways available mid November on the store page.


2nd September

New sculpt 'Surfacing' launches tomorrow with a special 1st day colourway. It'll be available for 24 hours or until allocated number is sold out (whichever comes first) Hope you like this one!



I have now set up a Patreon account, this is a great way to fund future projects, and also for you guys to benefit from in depth info on latest progress, and also get first dibs on releases.  There is now also an option for a monthly pledge which will get you a custom piece every quarter, a great way to spread the cost and guarantee yourself a piece without trying for store releases.

You'll find the page HERE

10th June

The release for tomorrow is this custom Marshall, complete with a hand sculpted friend.. Check the store at 8pm GMT+1 on the 11th of June to give this one a home.


3rd June

Thursday releases keep coming with this custom 3" Dunny, available at 8pm GMT+1 HERE.  I will be aiming to keep releases happening weekly (with some exceptions) for the time being.. Sea Rescue utilises the Huck Gee Geisha Dunny platform. (SOLD OUT)

7th April

The end is finally in sight, I'm just putting the finishing touches to my last ToyconUK pieces, and have started uploading shots of all the available work on Trampt (link is to the Toycon folder, you'll find all of my work in there along with other exhibitors) I've had a few people asking me about the possibility of me muling for them i.e. taking pieces off sale as soon as the doors open, and reserving them. I don't see any way to make this fair practice since I have to give priority to those that have bought tickets and traveled to the event however I have decided to open up to requests from 4pm on the day.  If you see anything you'd like to purchase, can't make the event or find a mule then you'll be able to drop me an email after 4pm (GMT+1) on the 25th and request pieces that way, you'll find an email link on the contact page.  Those of you who are heading to London in a couple of weeks, i'll see you there!

19th March

My latest store release 'The Forgotten Mallow' goes on sale tonight at 8pm GMT HERE - Releases are still slow due to ToyconUK coming up soon but I want to still creep out the occasional online release for you all... SOLD OUT

5th January 2015

As you may know, the commission list was closed for the most part during the second half of 2014, i've decided to open it briefly from midnight tonight (GMT) if you'd like to commission a piece please get in touch starting then with some information about what you'd like, the list will close as soon as it's full. Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, wishing you all the best for 2015! The list is now full, i'll update when I can take on more commissions.